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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Having our Lunch at School

This morning when we went out to go to school, I felt really cold. I forgot to wear gloves because I thought it's okay but it's not. I pushed my baby's stroller and my hands were freezing and I felt pain. The wind was so cold. After our class we had our lunch at school prepared by our teacher. They called it "samgyupsal party" because we grilled pork on the table and it was very interesting having lunch with our teachers and classmates. After our lunch we cleaned all the mess and only Filipina students remained to clean because those other students after the lunch were gone. After that, me and my friend showed our sample folk dance to our teacher and they said it's good, I hope so we will do it well at the final show because our other friend who joined this folk dance were not participating during the practice. We went home after we're done at school. When I got home I was supposed to open the door but I couldn't find the key. I remembered when I and my baby went to school she got the key and I forgot to get the key from my baby and we're stranded outside the house and it was very cold outside and my stomach was not feeling well. I called my husband and he told me that he was on his way home so we wait until he came. I went back to look for the key at school but I couldn't find it anymore. Its too bad to lose my key because it has a picture of my baby.

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