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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Folk Dance Presentation

Early this morning I did prepare myself and bought my baby at my sister-in-law's house. When I came home to dress up my sister-in-law told me that my baby was crying there and I can't get her back because I can't dance if I will going to bring her. My friends came to our house and we together went to school with our dress and flowers. We had make up at school and lunch. Then we went to the place where we present our dance number . I was excited yet little bit nervous because I'm worried of what will happen if we were on stage. We did a practice at the back of the stage. Not only us will going to present, infact there are lots of group also like vietnam but mostly Koreans that had beautiful and sexy costumes. We're next of Vietnam's presentation which they sang Vietnam song. Our teacher did another CD of our dance and we told them we had already our CD but they use that CD that's why at the end of our exit we just walk away because they didn't use our CD which has exit music. But we did our best and they were happy to watch us and our teacher again gave gift certificate worth 10,000won each of us. Then we went home and they send me at my sister in laws house to get my baby. Here are some pictures and video. This video is not that good because my friend did took this video with her baby crying but atleast she took it.
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