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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Busy Preparing for Our Event

Last Monday our teacher told me to inform my friends that we will going to present a dance number which represents the Philippines this coming November 29 at 2pm at Pusan University. So I told them to be at school today so that we can talk about it. Today our teacher again told us about it and we will going to present Philippine traditional dance and we decided to present folk dance instead of "tinikling" because it's very difficult and we have no such time to prepare. We already did a search at the internet as a sample of our dance. We had a problem because we don't have a tape of folk song and we don't have Filipina dress. After our class we went to mcdonald for our snack and my friend went back to school because one of our friend called on the phone and told us that there's a Filipina dress for rent and our teacher paid it for us. I went home early to make some research about our music and I found a folk song named "carinosa." We will having our first practice tomorrow. I hope we make a nice steps and dance well because we will going to represent our country. Goodluck to us.
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