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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Busy Preparing For Our Coming Event

Yesterday we already bought flowers for our props on folk dance presentation. This morning I bought those flowers to school, when our teacher saw it they we're really happy and amazed because we're really active and really prepared for this event. Our teacher did refund our expenses on those flowers and we're happy for it. We decided to have practice after our class and ordered food, we're wondering why we didn't pay those food and our teacher said that they already paid it for us, how nice they are. We did our practice and then the dress that they rented came. We went home and brought those dresses in order to fix and iron them. I and my friend did iron and arrange those flowers as our props. We will having another practice tomorrow here in our house and we decided not to go to school. Well I just wanted to say goodluck to us for our presentation this Saturday.
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