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Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Party at My Friends House with Friends

Earlier today was the advance celebration of my friend's baby's 1st birthday. She will be having her birthday tomorrow but her mother decided to have a party with her Filipina friends and cook some Philippine foods because tomorrow they will be having a birthday party with their Korean friends. I enjoyed the food and enjoyed talking with my other friends. But that good moment was being destructed when my sister in law called on my phone and told me to come home early because my mother in law arrived. I told her that I will be at home at 3pm but she said I have to go home quickly so I had no choice but to follow them. When I got home they were already at the house and just laughed because my mother in law says that she didn't know that I attended a birthday party. I was very tired and got a nap after we finished preparing food for our dinner.

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