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Monday, November 10, 2008

2nd Day on Korean Cuisine Cooking

After my Korean class today I and my baby went to Mcdonald to have our snack. After that we went home early because I will be having my second day on Korean cuisine cooking study. Today's recipe is not interesting. I'm totally bored while watching their demo on how to prepare the sheets laver or Korean called it "kim." We made deep fried with salt and sugared laver. My husband taste it and he doesn't want the taste because it's sweet but my baby likes it. I hope next time when they'll be back they will going to cook something different that is delicious and very interesting because it's useless if they will only teach those simple Korean recipe. I ask my friend because my teacher in cooking also knew her and she said that we had the same teacher and also she got bored about their demo because it's not that good.
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