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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Medical Examination

Last day, one of my friend told me that there will be a free medical examination offered by our korean school which will be held at Dongnae. At night, they already told us not to eat or drink anything starting 10pm until tomorrow noon which one of the requirements on taking that examination. Me and my baby went to school to attend our korean class. Lots of us were complaining because we were all hungry and we can't eat and drink. I just thought that the examination will start in the morning but it didn't, our korean class teacher asked us why we're all weak and we answered that we're all hungry and she just laughed. After our Korean class we also attended our Korean song class, even though we're hungry but still we enjoyed singing and dancing that time. We went at the hospital almost 2pm. It was hard for me to take the examination because my baby was with me at that time and she cries every time I left her to took the examination. We finished all the required examination almost 3:30pm and we're all hungry having stomach pain. I hurriedly went home after we did all the examination because my sister in law called me on the phone and told me that we will going to the center because my baby had a cold. When I got home me and my baby were really got tired and both of us were taking a nap.
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