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Monday, January 13, 2014

Banning of SMOKING in Public Places and Parks!

If I had the chance to write a note to the Health Department officials, I would definitely ask them to urged the banning of smokers inside those public parks. If health wise smoking is dangerous for the adults, how much more to those innocent childrens with fragile lungs? It happened to us several times, I took my child to a public park nearby and sadly we cannot stay any longer after smelling and inhaling those disgustingly nasty smokes. Smokers are usually smoking in the face of their kids without even thinking how it could affect their kids' lungs. I felt bad to those parents who are trying to kill their kids by burning their lungs early. I hope someday, someone will take charge of this issue. And to those avid smokers, please act responsibly and stay away from those non-smokers around you. We, non-smokers does not want smell your smoking habit.
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