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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Baby's First Day at Baby's School

Yesterday was my baby's first day at Korean's baby's school, they called it "orinichib. My husband and his sister doesn't want me to put my baby at orinichib because they said that my baby is still young and doesn't know how to speak korean language. We had an argument, I told them how could my baby learn how to speak if she's with me, even me is still studying korean language because it's really hard for me to go to school with my baby I can't concentrate. So what I did, I ask one of my friend who's good in Korean language. I ask her to go with me at orinichib and to follow up all the needed papers. I gave all those papers to my husband for them to fill up and produce the needed documents for my baby's discount at orinichib. At first it was hard for me to explain to them because everytime I told my husband if I could bring my baby at orinichib he just said tomorrow and then that day comes he again said tomorrow. But yesterday I really told him that I'm going to bring my baby at orinichib, and so I did. At first when I left my baby she cried but when I got back to pick her up she enjoyed playing with her new friends. This day also when I left her she didn't cry anymore, hopefully she'll love her new school so that I can find a job.

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