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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wonder Girls New Hit Song; "No Body"

Since I am very busy with my baby and in my study, I missed to watched the weekly ranking of Korean hit songs. Yesterday my sister told me that there's a song which was very nice and she really likes it. I was curious so I made some research and I already hear that song and I already knew that it's famous but I have no time for it. But since my sister told me about it I really spend time to listen to it and I now realize that it's really nice. I also saw their video and I really like it a lot."No Body" is a Wonder Girls another hit song which produced by Park Jin-Young and became a no.1 popular song here in Korea. Every time they had their new song no doubt it would become no.1 or popular because they were all good performer and sexy. Goodluck Wonder Girls and keep up the good works.

Nobody - 원더걸스 Wonder Girls
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