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Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday Outing

Yesterday we had our family outing with my hubby's friends. I was a little bit lonely because I can't go to church but somehow I felt happy because we will going to another place, a nice place. We woke up early to prepare because my husband's friend will going to fetch us in our house. They had their car and we went together to the place where we will also meet their other friends. I felt dizzy because we went through the mountains and the road was not good. But in the other hand I enjoyed myself watching those beautiful colors of the leaves on different trees. Our driver didn't knew where the place was and we really got lost. He called their friend and again went through the mountains. When we got there, the place was nice yet so cold and their friends didn't arrive yet. When they arrived, we had our lunch and after that we went outside to watched them playing ball game. I took pictures outside and enjoyed watching the beautiful nature and felt a little bit cold but it's fine because it's worth it. I was a little bit bored when we were inside our room where we eat our lunch because those Korean girls left their talking each other while the boys were outside playing ball game and I'm just playing with my baby in order to make myself awake because I really felt tired and sleepy. We got home almost 7pm. I really felt tired and sleepy but I can't sleep or take a rest because I had lots of work to finish. Well it's my life and I had to do those things before I go to sleep because no one cares to do it for me even my husband he doesn't help me and I felt high blood every time I got busy and they did nothing at all to help me. I just hope I can still bear all of it in order to survive just for my baby.

Autumn season, very nice color of the leaves

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