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Friday, November 21, 2008

Naked Brothers Band

Are you a Camp Rockers? Did you know that there will be a new movie premiere on Nick Movie Series called Operation Mojo, starring with you co-rockers, Naked Brothers Band!

Every time when I imagine these two young talented kids being the future World famous rockers, it gives me ghost bumps. Two brothers namely (Nat and Alex Wolff) that play and sing in a band called "The Naked Brothers Band", and now they have a movie coming out about Nat 'losing his mojo' and heading into the woods with his brother to try and get it back. The movie premieres on November 22nd (Saturday) at 8pm, you can even tune in live to chat with them (if you're interested in that sort of thing).

It seems like a pretty interesting movie to watch with my little daughter since the entire younger crowd bloomer like them.

Regardless of the odd band name- the Naked Brothers seem like young sweet boys... I can see packs of 10 year old girls screaming and crying now. I'm actually embarrassed to admit I was one of those girls who admire star and rockers during my youth days. That’s why; I would love to see this premiere, Operation Mojo, which is going to have tough competition with Twilight coming out this weekend. I am pretty sure that the Naked Brothers will win the younger crowd.
So guys don’t miss to tune in and watch this on Saturday, Nov. 22, tune in to live chat with Nat & Alex Wolff of the Naked Brothers Band, as part of their new premiere, "Operation Mojo".


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